Quick Answer: How We Can Serve Others?

What initiative can you take up to serve others?

7 Fast and Powerful Ways You Can Serve Others.

Are you using your ability to change someone’s life.


Much like startups, nonprofits survive on funding and cash flows.

Feed the hungry.

Donate your product.


Volunteer your services.

Make service a company mission.

Take advantage of corporate matching programs..

Why should we serve others?

When we give ourselves away in service to others, we find meaning and purpose in life that selfishness can never equal. Granted fulfillment is not the goal of service, but it is a by-product of servanthood. When we serve others God has a tendency to flow satisfaction into our lives.

How do you show initiative?

When you show initiative, you do things without being told; you find out what you need to know; you keep going when things get tough; and you spot and take advantage of opportunities that others pass by. You act, instead of reacting, at work. Most of us have seen initiative in action.

How do you serve others biblically?

This list gives 15 ways in which we can serve God by serving others.of 15. Serve God Through Your Family. … of 15. Give Tithes and Offerings. … of 15. Volunteer in Your Community. … of 15. Home and Visiting Teaching. … of 15. Donate Clothing and Other Goods. … of 15. Be a Friend. … of 15. Serve God by Serving Children. … of 15.More items…•

What makes Servant Leadership successful?

To put it bluntly, servant leaders have the humility, insight, and courage to acknowledge that they can learn from people at all levels of an organization. They see their responsibility as a leader to increase the confidence, capability, ownership, autonomy, and responsibility of their people.

How can you serve others at home?

100 Ways to Serve OthersSmile. … Hold or Get the Door for Someone. … Help someone get where they want to be.Buy someone lunch.Pick up a hitch hiker. … Provide Road Side Assistance. … Mow Your Neighbors Lawn. … Invite someone over for dinner.More items…•

How can I be a blessing to others?

You can be Someone’s Blessing by:Set as living example of obedience to God’s will.Pray for others.Encourage and sympathize with others.Give/share the needy and.Volunteer for good works.

Why is service important in leadership?

A good leader knows how to serve. Often times, we find that team members aren’t willing or are afraid to do something that they have been assigned. In doing the task with them and being more proactive about it, a leader will be able to be more influential upon his/her team.

How do you serve others at work?

Share itListen. So few of us really feel listened to on any given day – in every part of our life, not just at work. … Respond. … Engage. … Ask. … Care. … Potential Pointer: Once you recognize that leadership is an act of service to others you are better positioned for success.

What does it mean to serve others?

Being a servant leader means putting the interests of others above your own. You’ve probably seen some variation of these words before, but ask yourself the following questions: Do you put others before yourself in the workplace, among your friends or in your school setting? … He said some golden words to me.

How do leaders serve others?

When leaders serve others, they gain followers through valuing, trusting, and respecting every person they come in contact with. … When leaders educate others through their words and actions, they mentor, lead by example, and help others achieve their goals. Through these selfless actions, leaders gain trust and loyalty.

How do you feel when you help others?

10 benefits of helping othersHelping others feels good. … It creates a sense of belonging. … It gives you a sense of purpose. … Giving helps keep things in perspective. … It’s contagious. … Helping others can help you live longer. … It will give you a sense of renewal. … You’ll boost your self-esteem.More items…•

How do I get more initiative?

How to Be Proactive and Take InitiativeTry to take on different roles. … Ask for feedback and act on it. … Make an effort to listen to discussions around you. … Don’t underestimate the power of small-talk. … Foresee potential obstacles and bring them up to your teammates. … Don’t be shy to ask questions. … Don’t take comments and suggestions personally.More items…

How can I improve my initiative skills?

Here are nine tips to help you be one of those proactive professionals and take more initiative at work:Never Stand Still. … Do More Than is Required Of You. … Think as a Team Member, Not An Employee. … Speak Up And Share Your Ideas. … Fake It Till You Make It. … Consider Every Opportunity. … Always Be Prepared. … Be Self-Promotional.More items…•