Question: What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Rachel?

Why is Rachel important in the Bible?

Rachel, in Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, one of the two wives of the partriarch Jacob.

Forced to serve Rachel’s father, Laban, for seven years to win her, Jacob was tricked at the end of that time into marrying her sister, Leah..

Is Rachel an attractive name?

The name Rachel is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “ewe”. … While off its peak, Rachel is still one of the most popular girls’ names starting with R as well as one of the most classic names for girls.

What is the Spanish name for Rachel?

RaquelWikipedia says (without supporting evidence that “Raquel is a Spanish variation of the name Rachel”.

What can we learn from Rachel in the Bible?

1. Loyalty to one’s spouse is commendable: Rachel was devoted to her husband, Jacob, as was Leah, her sister and co-wife. When Jacob complained about Laban’s cheating and mistreatment, they supported and helped him in the family’s secret escape from their hometown in Mesopotamia. “14.

Is Rachel an Irish name?

Rachel in Irish is Ráichéal.

What does the name Rachel mean biblically?

French : metronymic from the female Biblical name Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’ in Hebrew. In the Bible (Genesis 28–35), Rachel is the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

What is a nickname for Rachel?

RachelOrigin: Hebrew. meaning: “ewe, female sheep”Best Nicknames: Rach, Rae, Rae-Rae, Rachie, Raych, Chele, Shelly.Variations and Sound Alikes: Rachael, Rachil, Rachell, Raechel, Rachil, Rachell, … Rachel TV and Movie Quotes: “What happened to Rachel wasn’t chance.” … Famous people named Rachel or its variations.

What is the correct way to spell Rachel?

In the King James Version of the Bible (and most other English versions) it is spelled Rachel. That’s the most common spelling in English, but there are variations. The most common ways of spelling this name is either ‘Rachel’ or ‘Rachael’.

What the Bible says about Rachel?

Rachel is first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis 29 when Jacob happens upon her as she is about to water her father’s flock. She was the second daughter of Laban, Rebecca’s brother, making Jacob her first cousin. … Whereas “Rachel was lovely in form and beautiful”, “Leah had tender eyes”.

How do you say Rachel in Hebrew?

Rachel Pronunciation in Hebrew: How do you say the name Rachel in Hebrew? In Hebrew it’s: Ra-chel with the customary Hebrew throaty “ch” sound.

How old is the name Rachel?

From the Hebrew name רָחֵל (Rachel) meaning “ewe”. In the Old Testament this is the name of the favourite wife of Jacob. Jacob was tricked by her father Laban into marrying her older sister Leah first, though in exchange for seven years of work Laban allowed Jacob to marry Rachel too.

Who was the richest woman in the Bible?

Lydia of Thyatira (Greek: Λυδία) is a woman mentioned in the New Testament who is regarded as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe. Several Christian denominations have designated her a saint.

What is the meaning of the name Rachel?

Meaning:ewe or female sheep. In the Bible, Rachel was the beloved, beautiful wife of Jacob (who met her when she tended sheep, thus “ewe” being the Hebrew name’s meaning) and the mother of Joseph, the future father of Jesus.

What killed Rachel?

1553 BCRachel/Date of death